DartCohol is the app for dart players to improve their dart playing skills. Play matches against the simulator or play training games to improve your technique. 

With the DartCohol app you can add and manage the dart players in the Player Center. Evaluate your match and training results over time and see your progression over time. 


Via the X01 function you can set up your X01 match, versus your friends or versus the DartSimulator. Choose from 8 levels to match yours and be challenged to improve your dart game. 


In the Tactics menu you can play the Tactics game, also known as Cricket. 


In the Training menu different training games are provided to enhance your skills in throwing doubles or triples. 















Enter your throw to calculate what is remaining. When you can finish your leg but fail to throw your double, you can easily enter it via the MD buttons, missed doubles. In the statistics you can see how often you throw what scores and how well you hit your doubles. 










In the Tactics match you have to throw three times each mark of 10 and above. Scores points when your opponent hasn't thrown it 3 times.

The essence of this game is to improve your skills in throwing triples. 












To improve your skills you have to train. To avoid that you do the same thing over and over again, the DartCohol app provides you with several training games. You can easily couple your player id to your training results and see whether you improve. 

Catch40, Finish60+ and Bob's 27 all are intended to improve scoring your doubles. 

Play Barney's 60 to improve your triples and play Finish170 to do both at the same time. 


Enjoy and have fun.


Let's play darts!